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  • Charmaine Sheen

Intentional Memories

This month our newsletter highlights the role memories play in our life. Our memories have the power to make us smile and laugh out loud. They can inspire us to keep going, and to look forward to happier, better times – because difficult times do pass.

Some memories occur naturally – your first kiss, first interview and baby’s first steps. These kinds of memories can’t be forced.

However, I do believe that life presents other opportunities where we can put in a little effort and intentionally create moments worth remembering.

Memories with our children

Children crave our love and attention, and they actively seek out all that is new and novel. This makes laying the foundation for moments that will be remembered pretty easy. Fill in the details on your next family holiday - everything from the road trip to the accommodation and food choices can make the adventure more memorable.

(Ditching the technology makes sure everyone is “present” and open to creating long-lasting memories.)

Memories with our partners

Life and everything in between make it too easy to lose track of our closest relationships. I challenge you to forgo gifts in the form of things and instead surprise your partner with an experience that you can share in together. There is nothing like a new experience to renew the conversation, and to fall back on when times are tough.

“Memories don’t need to be just a thing of chance collection, but can have some measure of planning.” Edith Schaeffer.

Intentional Memories Reality Wellness

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