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I choose to be kind

As we begin the final countdown of 2021 and start planning for some well-deserved rest during the December period, I am cognisant that this time of year is difficult for some people.

This December, I am reminded of how fortunate I am. I'm thankful for many things, most notably my health, family and a general sense of wellbeing and happiness.

I consider myself an advocate of mental health and spend a great deal of time creating content, workshops and activations that speak to happiness, positivity, kindness and compassion. It's easy to focus on the physical aspects of wellbeing. We can measure blood pressure, glucose levels and a person's BMI. However, we can't measure their happiness, mood or state of mind.

With this in mind, doing good will be top of mind for me this December. As I am aware of the impact I have on the people around me, I'll be focusing on the following:

  • Doing good doesn't have to cost money or time. You would be amazed at how good manners, authentic compliments and a simple smile can make someone else's day.

  • Learn to listen, despite our differences. I understand that my words have power and think before I speak.

  • I am grateful. I will notice at least one good thing every day. I will express my gratitude to someone and always look for the silver lining.

We can't tell, just by looking at someone, what they are dealing with inside. So, in a world where I can be anything, I choose to be kind, compassionate, patient and considerate of others.

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