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The New Year - a time to shake things up

Happy 2022! I hope it is fulfilling and bursting with good health and happiness.

At Reality Wellness Group we’ve chosen 2022 as the Year of You. We’re dedicated to creating 12-months of inspiring content that will leave you more self-aware and motivated to make time for self-connection, reflection, and growth.

We associate the new year, with new beginnings. For many, this means dreaded new year’s resolutions which are unachievable and short-lived. I’m not a fan! I’m onboard with shaking things up in January but prefer small adjustments or changes to everyday habits – over stringent, deflating new year resolutions.

I’m taking the Year of You journey, for me, with you 😊 So I thought I’d share three promises I’ve made myself this January.

1. Decisions based on boundaries and what makes me happy

I’ve discovered that I put myself under unnecessary stress by trying to please everyone. This year I’ve jotted down an imaginary wall of boundaries. This list includes no meetings after 3 pm on a Friday and setting my phone snooze in the early evening.

I’m trying to let go of the things outside of my control and redirect that energy towards things that make me happy. I battled a little to really define what brings me happiness, and I plan to expand this list. Instead, I’ve taken to writing down activities that have drained my energy and left me feeling deflated – so I can make a conscious decision to avoid them in the future.

2. Making time for downtime

I think the term self-care is overused now. It’s also a broad topic, that means very different things to different people. Two hours at a hair salon may be self-care orientated, but it certainly doesn’t leave me feeling rested and relaxed.

So instead of self-care, I’ve promised to make time for downtime. This isn’t selfish or self-indulgent, rather it's an opportunity to rest and unwind. We need to get better at listening to our bodies, taking a break when we are tired and stressed before we begin to feel run down.

Downtime is about taking some time out from the hustle and bustle that surrounds us. More importantly, scheduling in some alone time. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to be on our own, in our own heads, to think and reflect.

3. The beauty of positive people

Finally, I’m taking stock of the people in my circle. The people I connect with often, both online and offline. This talks a little about boundaries, and what makes me happy, but it deserves to stand alone as an action.

We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of genuine social connection, and the role it plays in our overall well-being. I’m making a conscious effort to spend (more) time with people who lift me up, encourage me and leave me feeling inspired.

Boundaries, downtime, and positive people are not my new year's resolutions. Instead, they are well thought through promises that I have made to myself (and written down). They aren’t goals. They are small reminders of actions I should take to prioritise myself and my needs. My goal or overarching new years resolution is to feel good, be present and show up for the things that matter – well-rested and restored.

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