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  • Charmaine Sheen

The power of family meals

It may sound a little odd, but I use family meals as an alarm bell to indicate when my work-life balance is out of sync.

With life as we know it, it’s far too easy to get into the habit of not eating together as a family. Before you know it work begins to consume your time, the kids are eating take-away and you’re snacking on left over’s from the night before.

Believe it or not, sharing dinner together brings a family closer together. It’s a great opportunity to bond and connect with one another.

I find it really helps me to stay in touch with my children, and what is happening in their lives. It’s also a great opportunity to teach them about self-sufficiency – as they help with the planning and prep of meals.

The reality is that life gets crazy, and our schedules often don’t allow for relaxing, drawn out meals every evening. So start small. Try to eat 1-2 meals a week together as a family (or with friends).

You’ll be amazed at how refreshing it is to “connect” with those who are important to you. And that sense of belonging has an incredible impact on your overall happiness and health.

Source: Photobac, EnvatoElements

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