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  • Charmaine Sheen

Be Kind to Yourself. Don't smoke anything.

During May we’re aiming to help the World Health Organization with its quest to create awareness around the dangers of tobacco and the dangers it has on your health. Our message – be kind to yourself, don’t smoke anything!

I hate to be all doom and gloom, but according to Health24, every year 6 million people die prematurely from tobacco-related illnesses. In fact, tobacco use is the single most preventable cause of cancer.

I’m not a smoker, and I understand it’s a lot easier said than done – but this Anti-Tobacco month I’d really like to encourage you to stop smoking.

The CANSA Organisation shares the following tips to stop smoking (

  • Decide on a date to stop smoking and do it

  • Throw away ALL reminders of smoking (cigarette packets, ashtrays, lighters, etc.)

  • Drink lots of water, it helps to flush the nicotine from your body

  • Become more active

  • Change your routine: avoid smokers and things that make you want to smoke for the first little while

  • Tell your family and friends that you are trying to quit so that they may offer you some support

  • Dizziness, headaches and coughing for a the first two weeks after quitting is normal

  • The first 2 -3 days are the most difficult (cravings will reduce and eventually disappear)

  • Try not to use a crisis or special occasion as an excuse for “just one” cigarette – as one always leads to another and another.

In the words of Rob Bell, “that breathe you just took, that’s your gift”.

Stop Smoking

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