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Out of the ordinary

Yikes, talk about timing! I like to share monthly newsletters and posters with our Reality Wellness clients, so that employee health and wellbeing is always top-of-mind. This requires some pre-planning. Each year we pick a general theme, allocate different topics for the forthcoming period and share some wellbeing wisdom with our clients every month.

So, here I find myself writing about the virtue of zest as we sit in the grips of a global pandemic, isolated at home under a 21-day lockdown in South Africa.

Let’s back-peddle.

People with the character strength of zest are known to approach life with enthusiasm and a sense of excitement. They live life as if it were an adventure. Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with the virtue of zest, but we can choose to approach our daily life with the spirit of adventure. This requires breaking free from what we consider routine and actively seeking things that are out of the ordinary.

Well, face masks, curfew and working from home are undoubtedly out-of-the-ordinary. Like I said, timing!

Envato Elements - Image source - Face mask
Face masks are undoubtedly out of the ordinary.

Under normal circumstances, I’d have encouraged a new holiday destination or trying your hand at cooking a contemporary cuisine. However, it would appear, under COVID19, the extra-ordinary has been provided.

I suggest then we make a novel, new adventure out of the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in. With no work or school commute, you’ve got extra time in the day to pursue something you wouldn’t usually have been able to. This could be time with loved ones, a new course, exercise or quiet reflection.

This is a one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime experience. Wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance but embrace this little curve-ball for the out-of-the-ordinary phenomenon it is.

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