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  • Charmaine Sheen

Building on your strengths

I find I’m constantly on a quest for self-improvement, be it as a business owner, a mother, wife or friend. I honestly believe I’m open to receiving feedback, provided it’s given with good intentions and with the intention of being constructive.

This never ending quest for personal development has led me into the realm of positive psychology and an individual’s unique talents and strengths. This field of psychology really resonates with me.

I look back on my childhood and school career, we’re constantly reminded of what we aren’t good at – what our weaknesses are. A huge amount of attention is given to working on subjects or abilities which we aren’t good at.

A focus on our strengths suggests exactly the opposite. It suggests we acknowledge what we aren’t great at, but that we really embrace our strengths. We should be using our personal development and self-improvement activities to build on these strengths. We should be examining ways in which we can use our strengths to compensate for our weaknesses. It suggests that we can make use of our strengths to complete tasks that play on our weaknesses.

I find it incredibly refreshing to focus on what I’m good at. In fact, it used to be a lot easier to rattle off a list of “what I’m not good at” than to describe myself in terms of “what I am good at”.

I’m now acutely self-aware of my strengths, and challenge myself to use these strengths to my advantage when facing obstacles in my business and relationships.

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