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  • Charmaine Sheen

I choose real

Technology is certainly taking over our lives. If we aren’t taking calls or responding to emails, we’re replying to WhatsApp messages and scanning our social media accounts.

I’m challenging myself this month to be conscious of how much time I actually spend in the virtual world. It’s scary how engrossed we’ve become with our phones, and how disengaged we are with one another.

My kids have to hand over their phones at mealtime, I put all of our devices in a bowl and hide it away from the dinner table. I think it’s a great start, but it’s definitely not enough.

We need real social connections in our life. It’s an integral part of being human, and these real connections have incredible benefits for our overall health and happiness.

I recently made a promise to myself to call people more, and to send less text messages (and no, voice notes don’t count). Taking a step away from technology allows you to really focus, and be mindfully present when engaging with people.

I’m not a fan of fake – and that’s exactly the kind of connections the virtual world houses.

I choose real. Real people, real relationships and real connections.

Time for a technology time out!

Source: Arthurhidden, EnvatoElements

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