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Goodbye 2017! Hello 2018!

I’m going to be honest, I’m feeling a little bit of “good riddance” to the last 12 months. Sure, I’ve had some major highs and great experiences… but some of the drama and challenges I’ve faced are tugging heavily on my emotions.

2018 Motto

So I’m ready to bid farewell to 2017, and although a little apprehensive, I can’t wait to embrace 2018.

I’m not one for New Year resolutions. It’s the same goals – lose weight, give up the booze, exercise more, etc. We really do set ourselves up for failure.

I do however, try to apply a new mantra or motto to each New Year. For example 2017 was the year to be kind – to yourself, your health, your finances, your emotions. In fact as part of the Reality Wellness Group’s communication campaign, we spent each month sharing some advice and practical solutions for being kind to yourself.

We also spent a great deal of time trying to justify and explain why you should be kind to yourself. Seriously, do you really need 10 reasons to look after your blood pressure? And another 10 reasons to practice safe sex? The answer is simple. No! You shouldn’t need a reason to look after yourself, never mind 10 different ones.

Hence, 2018: The year of #NoReason.

I’m going to spend each month of 2018 assessing the different spheres of my well-being. I’m going to figure out which areas need a little love and attention – and I’m going to do just that! I’m not going to ask myself why, or explain to others why. #NoReason.

Ok, maybe one really great reason – because I am important and I value myself.

On that note, I wish you all the best for the year ahead. I hope you have a smashing time celebrating the end of 2017, and welcoming in 2018. I also hope you keep following us in 2018 and join me on my personal #NoReason journey to wellness.

Much love,


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