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  • Charmaine Sheen

#KnysnaFires #FillThatTruck

I think that for most of us there is one charity or one cause that really resonates with us. I have a particular friend who will participate in most causes – collecting old clothes, a 5km fun run in support of cancer, a soup kitchen – she really is happy to do her bit. However, should an animal shelter be in need she really does dive in and the cause becomes her be-all-and-end-all. Animals rock her world.

That was me during the month of June. The Knysna fires really hit home, and I felt compelled to do something. The devastation was surreal. It wasn’t enough that my thoughts were with the people in the Knysna and Plettenberg Bay community – I wanted to help lighten their load, even if I could only do so fleetingly.

The Reality Wellness Group took it upon ourselves to collect much-needed groceries, toiletries, second-hand clothes and blankets for the Knysna fire victims. We were amazed at the response of our little network – schools, hair dressers and corporate clients really came to the party. Adcock Ingram came to our aid with a truck to transport the goods down to Knysna, and within two short weeks we’d managed to fill the truck.

All of this really does relate back to our 2017 theme: Be Kind to Yourself.

When someone in need receives help, that person benefits from social support. However, you as the giver also benefit in specific regions of your brain associated with stress, change and care-giving.

So be kind to yourself – find that one cause that resonates with you… Madiba day is around the corner, and a perfect opportunity to get involved for 67 minutes.

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