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  • Charmaine Sheen

Always think safety first!

During April a number of Reality Wellness Group’s clients honour the International Labor Organizations (ILO) World Day of Safety. As a Wellness company we understand the importance of workplace health and safety, and we’ve had the privilege of helping some of clients with safety related workshops and theaters.

Safety First!

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Organisations spend a great deal of time and money educating their workforce, and creating awareness across a variety of safety related topics. Unfortunately, I think these important messages often get “left” at the office when employees pack-up and head home.

Safety is not just something we do at the office, in the workshop or at home – and very often it’s quite easy to draw a parallel between the messages we hear at the workplace and how we can exercise safer behaviours at home.

Remember we are our children’s role models. If they see mom or dad climbing on top of the washing machine to change a light bulb, they learn that such unsafe behaviours are normal.

Our families are a good reason to stay safe. We want to come home to them every day, and they home to us.

Be safe during the Easter break.

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