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About Us

Established in 2002, the Reality Wellness Group initially set out to help our clients and their employees tackle the rising HIV/ Aids morbidity crisis in our country. Today our wellness offering has expanded, but the cornerstone of what we do remains the same – we make sure that people have access to the information they need to make informed health and wellness decisions.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive choice of wellness interventions and activities from which they can shape their roadmap to wellness. We address all dimensions of wellbeing and help companies and their employees take shared responsibility for health and wellness.

Our pivotal services include employee  psycho-social counselling, disease management, and wellness testing and screening. We support these interventions utilizing easy-to-understand data analytics and insights and a wide range of wellness activations, education and coaching programmes.

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More recently, we've added a dedicated COVID-19 management programme to our service offering, taking the guesswork out of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases within the workplace. We are helping clients with their policy formulation, testing and monitoring requirements.

Our footprint spans across more than 80 towns in Southern Africa, with a multi-lingual network of over 800 healthcare practitioners and therapists.

We are so much more than a corporate wellness provider; for us, it is personal. We become an essential part of our client's company culture, working hard to ensure that we have fantastic employee participation and engagement across various wellness interventions.

We bring energy and fun to wellness that is hard to replicate, even finding a home for rubber ducks, within health and wellness. The Reality Wellness Group are a team of passionate people, driven to do good for the company's we work with, the employees we support and their communities.

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