We'd love the opportunity to share our Wellness Offerings with you, and to design a Wellness Programme that fits well with your budget and corporate values.

Wellness Testing & Screening

Our Wellness Screening covers a comprehensive list of health risk assessments, including:


  • Cholesterol

  • Glucose levels

  • Waist circumference

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Blood Pressure

  • HIV Counselling & Testing (HCT)

We are well known for our wellness days, where we offer so much more than wellness screening. We have a wide range of add-on’s that make the day extra special and memorable for your employee’s – from an optometrist and biokinetist, to massage booths and pedicures.

We also make a great addition to your employee induction programme, and can provide nurses for specific assessments or tests when you host internal events based on a specific topic or health concern.

Disease Management

We are passionate about HIV Management, and can provide your employees with CD4 testing, and registration for government and private ARV programmes. We manage a number of chronic diseases for our clients, to date these service include blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and obesity. 

Psycho-Social Counselling and Support

All too often we forget about the personal problems that our employees may be experiencing outside of the workplace. Sometimes these problems get shared with the HR team, who may not be adequately equipped to deal with these issues. Our Psycho-Social Employee Programme comes to the aid of such employees, by offering:


  • On or off-site counselling/ telephonic counselling

  • Trauma management

  • “Please call me” SMS facility

  • Debt counselling referral

  • Legal counselling referral


These services are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Lifestyle Coaching & Education

Wellness Education should be an integral part of your wellness prevention strategy.
We have a network of world class facilitators, motivational speakers and survivors who help us to get your wellness message across. All of our workshops take language and culture into consideration – and accommodate our South African employee landscape.

Our workshop topics are broad and include the likes of stress management, stigma and discrimination, depression and drug abuse. However, we never shy away from a new topic and can call on our extensive network of experts to customise workshops and educational programmes to meet your specific needs.

Our Wellness Theatre’s always go down a treat and prove to be an attention-grabbing effective means of creating awareness for key wellness issues.

We are also a certified provider of the Insights Discovery assessments

Workforce Wellness Reporting

We can’t emphasise the importance of ongoing wellness monitoring and reporting.

We track all of the testing, interventions and education programmes we implement at your organisation, and provide you with regular, meaningful feedback. Wellness gaps and improvements are easily identified using our visual, comparative reports which compare person on person, year on year.

Wellness Communication Material

All of Reality Wellness Group initiatives are supported and reinforced through a variety of communications materials.

We supply our clients with monthly newsletters and posters promoting trending wellness topics, and offer promotional items, banners, worksheets.

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