• Charmaine Sheen

Show your finances some love this Valentine’s Day!

I came across some scary statistics surrounding South Africans and their finances.

Did you know?

  • We now have 24.31 million credit consumers. This is 8-million more people than the total number of employed people in South Africa.

  • During 2017, over 48 000 summons for debt were issued, valued at more than R350 million.

  • Officially, 2 out of 5 consumers are credit stressed.

  • This excludes informal credit avenues like loan sharks.

  • 30% of working South Africans have no formal retirement provision.

  • Only 6% of South Africans can retire comfortably.

Finances are stressful! And we seem to cause ourselves even more distress by avoiding the topic completely, making financial planning and budgeting non-existent.

For Valentine’s Day show yourself some love (#NoReason) and take a step backwards.

Start at the beginning by asking yourself what your financial goals are, and most importantly what are your financial values – and those of your family.

By having a better understanding of what is important to you, you’ll have a better idea of your spending habits, if you are heading in the right financial direction and if your goals are realistic.

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You’ll be less stressed, experience less conflict within your family and most importantly, you’ll start to make better financial decisions.

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