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October is synonymous with the colour pink. It is the month of breast cancer awareness, an annual campaign to create awareness of the disease. Breast cancer is one of the top 5 most cancers in women.

According to Cancer Association of South Africa, cancer affects one in four South Africans, through diagnosis of family, friends, colleagues or self.

Our team at the Reality Wellness Group find ourselves in this unfortunate position. We’re one of four. We’re shaken, unsettled and unsure of the future.

However, we’re also positive and inspired to be surrounded by such an amazing, supportive team of friends, family and colleagues.

During the course of the last couple of months I’ve been soul searching and trying to understand why my dearest friend has to carry this cancerous burden. I have a million adjectives I can use to describe the fierce but gentle human being she is, and I have a million more reasons why it’s not fair that she be chosen to carry this load.

The reality is that there is no reason. And life it too short to be spent trying to find a reason.

So instead of searching for the unanswerable, we should embrace everyday – spending time with the people we care about, doing the things we enjoy. Tomorrow may be too late.

Get out there, enjoy the summer sun! #NoReason

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