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We'd love the opportunity to share our wellness offerings with you, and to design a wellness programme that fits both your budget and corporate values.

At Reality Wellness, we stress the importance of managing the whole person. Our Employee Assistance Programme ensures that the emotional, psychological and social wellbeing of your employees is addressed. It is easy to overlook mental health concerns, especially those that arise outside of the workplace.

Our EAP offering comes to the aid of those employees battling mental health illness, stress and trauma. Our clients have access to a dedicated counselling and support call centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated network of healthcare practitioners and therapists means we're able to match the right counsellor or therapist to your employee.


In 2002 our disease management offering was rooted in HIV Management and support. Today we still offer our clients CD4 testing and registration with government or private ARV programmes. However, our disease management care now covers a variety of chronic diseases and conditions related to high blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and obesity. 

At Reality Wellness, disease management is a mix of awareness, education and support interventions designed to empower your employees to manage their disease and reduce their risk of complications.




Our wellness screening covers a comprehensive list of health risk assessments, including: 

  • Cholesterol

  • Glucose levels

  • BMI & waist circumference

  • Blood pressure

  • HIV Counselling & Testing (HCT)

We strive for maximum impact when coordinating and hosting wellness events for our clients. Our programmes are unique and memorable; you can rest assured your employees will leave more aware and educated on your chosen wellness topics.


Have you considered including wellness as part of your new employee onboarding programme?

Our Covid-19 Testing & Support Service brings peace of mind to our clients. We remove the guesswork when managing suspected or confirmed cases of covid-19 within your workplace, ensuring compliance with covid-19 regulations and the consistent application of testing, quarantine and return to work protocols. 

We also offer onsite covid-19 rapid antigen testing, where results are available within 20 minutes. Much the same as our EAP services, our clients have access to a 24/ 7 covid-19 hotline.


Wellness education should be an integral part of your wellness prevention strategy. Our clients have access to a network of world-class facilitators, motivational speakers and survivors who help us convey your wellness message. Our workshops consider cultural and language differences, delivering inclusive workshops and activations that embrace Southern Africa's diversity.

Our wellness activations cover a wide range of wellness topics and themes, including stress management, stigma and discrimination, depression and drug abuse. However, we never shy away from a new topic and will customise workshops and educational programmes to meet your specific needs. 


We can't emphasise the importance of ongoing wellness monitoring and reporting. We track all that we do - providing our clients with comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand wellness reports and insights. Wellness gaps and opportunities for improvement are easily identified using our visual, comparative reports that compare person for person yearly.


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